High Plus

TRUPAN High Plus MDF is our highest rated physical property MDF. It provides a uniform density profile which offers a stable core and surface making it highly suitable for printing, painting and laminating. Its elevated physical properties and highly refined fiber composition, make it a preferred product for routered doors as well as edge machining applications.

Products are available raw or TFL finished with your choice of design from the PRISM collection.

Currently produced in:

  • Bennettsville, SC
  • Eugene, OR
  • Malvern, AR
  • Moncure, NC
  • Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Technical Information

  • Uniform density profile, stable core and surface.
  • Highly refined fiber composition.
  • 100% recycled/recovered wood content.
  • Available raw or Prism TFL finished
  • Routing doors, painting and laminating, surface and edge-machining applications.