Cross Band Fire-Rated

FIBREX Vesta CBFR Cross Band material is certified as a component for use in 20, 45, 60, and 90 minute neutral/positive pressure listed fire rated door applications which use wood veneer facing or listed MDO facing (with a minimum density of 40 pcf).

Note: 45 to 90 minute mineral core applications are applicable to both listed fire rated calcium silicate and gypsum mineral core door designs.  HPL facing is not allowed.

Testing standards: CAN/ULC S104 (CAN-S104), NFPA-252, UL-10C, and UL-10C.

Some restrictions apply.  For more information contact Arauco North America.


Technical Information

• Produced in St. Stephen, NB

• Complies with testing standards: CAN/ULC S104 (CAN-S104), NFPA-252, UL-10C, and UL-10C

• Approved for interior, non-structural application

• Contains 100% Recycled/Recovered wood content

• Low-emitting VESTA ULEF technology

Suitable for use as a cross band with wood veneer faces in 20 to 90 minute neutral and positive pressure fire-rated doors