ARAUCOPLY is 100% wood which provides your projects a decorative finish with wood’s natural look. Araucoply is Radiata Pine plywood manufactured with phenolic resin in accordance with international product standards. It’s ideal for interior and exterior applications as furniture, decorative paneling, industrial projects and construction.



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AraucoPly’s exceptional quality, superior appearance, flatness, durability and dimensional stability are ensured through ARAUCO’s rigorous standards of sustainable forest management, log selection, and process control.AraucoPly® panels are made from pruned, plantation-grown Radiata pine logs for fewer knots and clean, uniform, light-colored faces that finish beautifully and consistently. For flatness and stability, AraucoPly® panels are laid up on composed cores using exterior phenolic (PF) resin.

AraucoPly® is the panel of choice for a multitude of interior and exterior applications.

AraucoPly® Sanded plywood is offered in a range of grades, including some of the highest graded AC products on the market today.

AraucoPly® Beaded panels, offered in a range of grades and thicknesses, are pre-sanded and ready to finish.

AraucoPly® Premium Siding is available in a range of thicknesses, surface treatments, and groove options.

AraucoPly® Primed panels, available in Siding and Beaded, provide a time-savings advantage with a full-coverage acrylic-latex factory prime on five sides.

Veneer from pruned, plantation-grown, Radiata pine logs is used to make the face of AraucoPly® panels, resulting in a knot-free, uniform, light-colored surface that finishes beautifully and consistently. AraucoPly® delivers the warmth of natural wood to any visible application.

Technical Information

Note: The allowable spans were determined using a dead load of 10 psf. If the dead load exceeds 10 psf then the live load shall be reduced accordingly. To consider this data, panels shall be a minimum of 24 inches (600mm.) wide.

11/32” (9mm) and 15/32” (12mm) span rated siding products available with plain (no groove) or shallow groove patterns only.

19/32” (15mm) siding wall span ratings apply to panels with the following surface treatments: Plain (no groove), 4”OC / 8”OC shallow groove and 4”OC / 8”OC deep groove patterns only.


All ARAUCOPLY® panels are pressed with exterior (WBP, Water Boil Proof) phenolic glue, which is compliant with all the quality regulations of ARAUCOPLY product certification standards. Formaldehyde emissions are 0.02 mg/L, which fulfill the requirements of emission class E1 according to European standard EN 717-1 and emission class Super E0 according to Australian standard AS/NZS 2098.11. In addition, our panels are exempt from CARB (California Air Resources Board) formaldehyde emission reduction regulations.