• Corporate Compliance

Our Corporate Governance is an essential aspect of our sustainability strategy; our corporate commitments and guidelines allow us to efficiently manage resources and contribute to decision making.

If you have a fault to report please complete the form

Note: Include all the antecedents that you consider relevant for your adequate investigation.

At ARAUCO we maintain a firm commitment with the fight against any crime committed by our employees or employees of the Group's businesses. We have a crime risk mitigation program in place that involves policy implementation, risk identification and the establishment of controls.

If you aware of the commission of any crime, please complete and return the Crime Reporting Form so that the case can be reviewed

Note: Include all the antecedents that you consider relevant for your adequate investigation.

Shareholder Meeting
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2018Acta Junta Accionistas 2018
2018Aviso Dividendo 2018
2017Aviso Junta Ordinaria Celulosa ARAUCO 2017
2017Aviso Dividendo 2017
2017Fundamentos Junta Ordinaria 2017 Celulosa ARAUCO
2017Junta Ordinaria Accionistas 2017
2016Estados Financieros 2016
2016Fundamentos Junta Ordinaria 2016 Celulosa ARAUCO
2016Memoria Anual 2016
2016Aviso Dividendo 2016
2016Aviso Junta Ordinaria Celulosa ARAUCO 2016
2016Junta Ordinaria Accionistas 2016
2015Aviso Dividendo 2015
2015Fundamentos Junta Ordinaria 2015 Celulosa ARAUCO
2015Memoria Anual 2015
2015Estados Financieros 2015
2015Junta Ordinaria de Accionistas 2015
2015Aviso Junta Ordinaria Celulosa ARAUCO 2015
2014Estados Financieros 2014
2014Memoria Anual 2014
2014Aviso Juntas Ordinaria y Extraordinaria Celulosa ARAUCO 2014
2014Junta Extraordinaria Celulosa Arauco 2014
2014Fundamentos Juntas Ordinaria y Extraordinaria 2014 Celulosa ARAUCO
2013Estados Financieros 2013
2013Acta Junta Extraordinaria de Accionistas 2013 Fusión
2013Acuerdo de Fusión
2013Aviso Citación Junta Extraordinaria Fusión
2013Aviso La Nación Derecho a Retiro Celulosa Arauco
2013EEFF Auditados Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A. al 31.7.2013
2013EEFF Auditados Forestal Viñales S.A. al 31.7.2013
2013Información Art. 59 Ley de Sociedades Anónimas
2013Informe Pericial Parte 1
2013Informe Pericial Parte 2
2013Memoria Anual 2013
2013Informe Pericial Parte 3
2012Memoria Anual 2012
2012Estados Financieros 2012
2011Memoria Anual 2011
2011Estados Financieros 2011