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We devote substantial energy to our workforce, and commit to a system of empowered teamwork and mutual achievement

Employment Opportunities
Date job Title Location
05-24-2018 Sales Manager - Panels Atlanta, GA
05-22-2018 Inside Sales Representative Atlanta, GA
05-18-2018 Sales Manager - Millwork Atlanta, GA
05-10-2018 Millwright / Mechanical Maintenance Technician Albany, OR
05-10-2018 Production Operator Albany, OR
05-08-2018 Electrical Technician Bennettsville, SC
05-08-2018 Mechanical Maintenance Technician (CPB Plant) Bennettsville, SC
05-07-2018 Production Manager Bennettsville, SC
05-04-2018 Instrumentation & Controls Technician Malvern, AR
05-04-2018 HR Manager Sault Ste. Marie, ON
05-01-2018 AP Specialist Fort Mill, SC
04-27-2018 Business Data Analyst Sault Ste. Marie, ON
04-24-2018 Operating Engineer Sault Ste. Marie, ON
04-24-2018 Production Technician Sault Ste. Marie, ON
04-11-2018 Shipping Technician Grayling, MI
04-11-2018 Safety Leader Bennettsville, SC
04-10-2018 Purchasing Leader Fort Mill, SC
04-04-2018 Traffic Manager Atlanta, GA
04-03-2018 Dispatcher Fort Mill, SC
04-03-2018 Transportation Specialist Fort Mill, SC
04-03-2018 Transportation Sourcing Manager Atlanta, GA
04-02-2018 Buyer Grayling, MI
03-21-2018 Accountant ( Manufacturing ) Grayling, MI
03-19-2018 Heavy Equipment / Log Loader Grayling, MI
03-19-2018 Payroll and Benefits Administrator Grayling, MI
02-21-2018 Maintenance Planner ( CPB Plant ) Bennettsville, SC
02-22-2018 Process Controls Engineer Bennettsville, SC
02-19-2018 Wood Procurement Coordinator Grayling, MI
05-10-2018 Maintenance Supervisor Malvern, AR
01-29-2018 Industrial Engineer Bennettsville, SC
12-01-2017 Particleboard Technician (Production) Grayling, MI
07-28-2017 Mechanical Maintenance Technician Grayling, MI
07-28-2017 Lubrication Technician Grayling, MI
07-28-2017 Electrical Maintenance Technician Grayling, MI
06-01-2016 Electrical Maintenance Technician Moncure, NC
06-01-2016 Maintenance Technician Moncure, NC
06-01-2016 Maintenance Technician (MDF) Bennettsville, SC
03-17-2016 Electrical Maintenance Technician (MDF) Bennettsville, SC