Bennettsville MDF receives safety award two years in a row

Publicado el 11-04-2016

ARAUCO is proud to announce that its Bennettsville MDF plant has reached another year without any recordable injuries. Bennettsville MDF has received a safety award from the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce two years in a row for their outstanding safety record.

Safety has been made a main focus as employees continue to look out for fellow coworkers and constantly communicate good safety practices. It can only take a moment for a situation to change. The difference in having an injury or choosing to stop and think through the set out daily processes and procedures only takes a second. ARAUCO employees continue to make good choices in keeping safety a priority in all of our plants and as a way of life.

South Carolina State Chamber of Commerce President Ted Pitts released the following statement about the award:

“A safe workplace allows employees to grow and succeed, and we are proud to announce this year’s Safety Award winners who have taken that to heart. We are pleased to honor those companies who have made safety a top priority over the last year and to recognize them among peers at our annual Safety Awards event.”

See more at the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce website.