ARAUCOPLY is 100% wood which provides your projects a decorative finish with wood’s natural look. ARAUCOPLY is Radiata Pine plywood manufactured with phenolic resin in accordance with international product standards. It’s ideal for interior and exterior applications as furniture, decorative paneling, industrial projects and construction.


AraucoPly’s exceptional quality, superior appearance, flatness, durability and dimensional stability are ensured through ARAUCO’s rigorous standards of sustainable forest management, log selection, and process control.

AraucoPly® panels are made from pruned, plantation-grown Radiata pine logs for fewer knots and clean, uniform, light-colored faces that finish beautifully and consistently. For flatness and stability, AraucoPly® panels are laid up on composed cores using exterior phenolic (PF) resin.

AraucoPly panels are compliant to specific norms of different countries in Europe, certified by well-known agencies (DTI, BBA) as EN 13986, DIN-68705, P30, BS 5268.

The use of AraucoPly® is just limited by your imagination. Using phenolic resin, it’s ideal for interior and exterior different applications such as construction, industrial projects, furniture, decorative paneling and more.

Known for its high-quality faces and stable composed-core construction, AraucoPly is available in sanded, T&G and grooved panels in a wide variety of grades, finishes, thicknesses and formats.

AraucoPly is 100% wood, which holds to your projects a decorative finish with wood’s natural look.