“Living The Forest” program continues to support environmental education during the pandemic

Corporate Local Development
Publicado el 22-07-2020

Over 150 schools are part of this environmental education initiative that promotes caring for nature and the prevention of forest fires

Education content regarding the environment and the relationship of communities with their natural surroundings are topics that have gained special interest during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why the “Living the Forest” program has not ceased its work, which started 20 years ago and today continues to provide support to education establishments.

Though presentations and practical activities have been suspended due to the health crisis, Ányela Jara, who has been a program monitor for 13 years, explained that “we have prepared a set with pedagogical material to continue to assist students in the task of understanding, recognizing and appreciating the environmental, economic and social importance of forests, and of contributing to their conservation”.

“Within the framework of what’s happening, it is necessary to reinvent our educational work to continue to be present in schools, because we understand the importance of sustaining the effort in time to obtain positive outcomes, added the monitor.


The program’s contribution has been appreciated by private and public schools who view this as support for the comprehensive education of their students. Melisa Arriagada, director of Patagonia school in the Los Lagos commune, says that “our children are happy with the material they have received and happy to continue to learn about nature and caring for the environment, which is one of the hallmarks of our establishment”.

Marcela Pradenas, head of the School Coexistence department, added “this allows us to work with students on activities that develop other skills and therefore, provide comprehensive education”.

The director of Conde de Lemu school, Erwin Super, highlighted “the educational work done by the “Living the Forest” program and how it creates awareness in future citizens regarding the importance of taking care of forests”.


“Living the Forest” is a joint effort of Sociedad de Protección del Sur (Society for the Protection of the South), a group comprised of companies ARAUCO, Forestal Anchile and Hancock. The program is structured around several annual contents that range from the characteristics of forests to the cycle of life of trees and water, to the actions needed to prevent forest fires.