Learn about the measures implemented to prevent Coronavirus at ARAUCO

Corporate Investors
Publicado el 07-04-2020

1. Reduce the number of people in transfer buses, to 50% capacity (workers should travel without a companion on the seat next to them).
2. Workers who request so, may use private vehicles (maximum of 2 passengers: one in front and one in back).
3. Adjust cafeteria lunch shifts to serve less people at the same time and ensure distancing between them (maximum of 50 people simultaneously in one same physical space of the cafeteria) and reinforce the cafeteria cleaning routine.
4. Limit the number of people at meetings and ensure a minimum distance of one meter between them.
5. Increase flexibility in the schedule for work start and end times to prevent crowding at punch clocks. Supervisors will later inform of the people who attended.
6. Reinforce disinfecting routines in all transport buses, at cafeterias and all common areas. All buses are disinfected daily and sanitized before the shift gets on the bus.
7. Hand washing is of the utmost importance; bathrooms will always be sanitized (there is permanent staff for this task). It’s very important to understand that hand washing (for at least 20 seconds) is a more effective measure than the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
8. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a substitute for hand washing. Maximum efforts will be made to have hand sanitizer available at all facilities. If this cannot be procured at a certain time due to supply shortages, workers will be instructed to wash their hands every two hours.
9. The necessary cleaning materials (disinfectants) will be made available at workstations, which are used by different people throughout the day.
10. Facilities have thermometers available to immediately assess fevers in case any employee is not feeling well. Face masks are also available at facilities to isolate people who are not feeling well, and he/she will be sent to the polyclinic.
11. Actions are being implemented to ensure that employees receive a preventive temperature screening before entering the facility.
12. Basic distancing of at least a meter between workers must be ensured. Face masks will be available to perform specific planned work in which complying with the safety distance is not possible.