Mariquina communities improve their potable water supply system

Corporate Local Development
Publicado el 05-08-2020

This initiative is the result of agreements achieved in the socioenvironmental roundtable that includes public actors, social organizations and ARAUCO

Over 270 homes in the areas of Rucaco and Estación Mariquina improved the quality of their potable water, after the implementation of two infrastructure projects in their respective rural potable water (APR) committees.

About $16 million were invested in works in Estación Mariquina to develop the system’s comprehensive improvement thanks to the full equipment of a well, the replacement of filters with activated carbon technology, the installation of a pump and other equipment which in addition to maintenance work, ensure the provision of this service for 10 years, directly benefiting 230 families.

Pablo Mora, president of the APR committee stated “this is a very important development to continue to provide quality service to our neighbors; a project we longed for, but unfortunately we did not have the means to carry it out independently”.

The project for rural potable water in Rucaco consisted of the full maintenance of the water system, in addition to the “installation of an electric pump, change of sensors, a water analysis study and a fire hydrant spigot for emergencies”, as detailed by the committee’s president, Érica Rojas, for an investment of about $10 million.


Both projects are the result of the ARAUCO Water Challenge Program, an initiative that provides support to the company’s neighboring communities in order to manage water supply problems. ARAUCO’s Public Affairs assistant manager, Marcela Wulf, detailed that “the program aims to find collaborative solutions to provide access to water resources that will improve the living conditions of communities located in the vicinity of our forestry sites”.

Wulf added that “the Water Challenge encourages collaboration and joint work with municipalities, public services and our neighbors, who are the central axis of this program; by articulating integral and long term solutions, with very good results, from regions Maule to Los Lagos”.

The commune’s mayor, Rolando Mitre, highlighted the public-private articulation to achieve these projects, adding that “works of this kind are a great step to extend the rural potable water network in the future and provide this service to more families”.


Néstor Espinoza, president of the neighbors association of Rucaco, highlighted that both projects are being developed by a roundtable that is comprised of communities located near the Valdivia Pulp Mill, local and regional authorities, and ARAUCO, which aims to work in coordination to improve the quality of life of the families.

“This contribution is very welcome, and we believe it is an essential part of the social role played by ARAUCO”, said Espinoza. In this line, Wulf indicated that “community engagement and the mechanisms for communication and building consensus have been fundamental to ensure the success of the roundtable and of this initiative in particular”.

Cooperative work!

We are happy because more than 270 homes in Mariquina have recently improved the quality of their potable water service thanks to ARAUCO’s Water Challenge Program, the cooperation of authorities, and the leadership of our neighbors.