Structural T&G Flooring and Roofing

AraucoPly® Flooring Grade Structural is a product that is designed for use as a flooring substrate as well as an ideal substrate under roofing or decking rubber membranes.
AraucoPly® Roofing Grade Structural is a product that is designed for use as a roofing substrate primarily for use under shingles.

Technical Information

  • 100% Radiata Pine.
  • High quality solid face.
  • 150-grit sanded.
  • Available in Flooring and Roofing grades.
  • Plastic tongue and groove down the long edge of the board.
  • AS/NZS 2269 certified to a strength grade of F11.
  • A-bond Exterior Glue Line.
  • Super E0 Low formaldehyde emission.
  • Available Untreated or Treated.


  • Residential or Commercial flooring.
  • Flooring in wet areas, such as bathrooms toilets or kitchens.
  • For use under rubber membranes to provide the best substrate.
  • Decks, roofing, wall linings
  • Flooring for mezzanine floors
  • General industrial applications.


  • For use under shingles

Flooring: CD T&G

  • Superior grade with no open face knotholes
  • Limited wood patches and synthetic repairs on the face.
  • Clean face veneer, typically without knots

Roofing: DD T&G

  • Solid face with tight knots
  • Wood patches and synthetic repairs are accepted.