A Professional and Personal Mission: Securing Raw Fiber Materials in a Sustainable Manner

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Publicado el 28-11-2017

ARAUCO's new Wood Procurement Manager Randy Keen plans to leave "no leaf unturned" in his professional and personal mission to take care of the Michigan forest while fulfilling his role to secure raw fiber materials for plant operations.

"A key priority is to make sure that our wood suppliers are protecting the watersheds and harvesting in a sustainable manner," he says. "My team will conduct random field inspections to verify harvesting operations adhere to sound environmental practices, as well as Michigan state laws and forest management best practices and guidelines."

"The Grayling plant will use residual wood sourced from nearby sawmills, logging operations and low-grade wood fiber traditionally left on the forest floor. Forty percent of raw fiber will be recycled or recovered material from sawmill residuals"

A native Michigander and Gaylord resident, Keen has held wood procurement roles within the state his entire career. His experience includes working for hardwood, softwood and OSB plants in Northern Lower Michigan.

"This region is blessed with an abundance of forest resources, and we're currently growing more wood than we’re harvesting," he explains. "In the last 10 years, three mills closed and this created a huge surplus in the region. We will rely on recycled and recovered wood fiber. The ARAUCO plant is going to consume less wood than those three mills combined."

Keen is the liaison between company operations and sales. His daily routine includes managing purchasing agreements and logistics with lumber producers, logging companies and trucking firms to make sure the plant has both the appropriate volume and wood species required to match up to our customers' needs.